Yoga Journeys – 5 Great Reasons to Embark Upon one

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Yoga Journeys – 5 Great Reasons to Embark Upon one

Have you ever heard about something called a “Yoga Journey” or “Yoga Challenge”? But what is the difference and why should you do one? Allow me to elaborate on this.

What is it?

Yoga journeys or challenges usually describe a series of yoga classes, from every day to once every week, often with a certain theme. For my recent challenge, I’ve used the slogan “Do it for you”, because the only sustainable reason to really do a journey is for yourself (in my humble opinion) – and not for any external reasons, like to become stronger or more flexible. The latter might occur, but it might not. Either way, you still did the journey for yourself.

Other programs might feature yoga principles like the Niyamas while presenting another principle each day, or they might focus on certain parts of the body, like the heart space. There are a lot of offerings out there, so just take some time to check them out – but, before that, you might want to reflect on how much time you can invest realistically. 10 min of yoga a day? 30 min a week? And then just see what challenge speaks to you and try it out – what do you have to lose?

Journey or Challenge?

These two words seem interchangeable – but are they? I personally prefer the title “journey”, because challenge carries an element of compulsion and competition that I don’t want to attach to a yoga practice. That being said, I am aware that yoga can be challenging on a physical as well as on a mental level and the same goes for integrating a new habit into your life or simply committing to something.

Yet, I still prefer to use the term “Journey”, because it is more open in my opinion. And it aligns really well with the principle of yoga being a journey without a set destination, as cheesy as this might sound, but it is true. I prefer that each contestant can create their own journey and decide how they want to practice. For example, my Yoga Journey on YouTube is designed so that you can do one class each day of the week, but they are also open to being practiced individually, depending on what your personal needs are.

Why should you commit to it?

You might already have a regular yoga practice in your life – and that’s great! So why should you invite a new yoga journey into your life?

1. It’s like a retreat

I would look at a yoga journey like doing a little retreat. Sometimes we want to dive a little deeper into something – you could look at it as a vacation. I find that yoga is a great practice to immerse yourself in – obviously within reason when talking about the physical aspect. But yoga is so much more than that, so perhaps you want to also start reading a little bit more about the Yoga Sutras, for example.

  2. You never know where it might lead you

And that is the beauty of entering a yoga journey. You never know where it will take you. Perhaps this journey will lead you to want to become a yoga teacher yourself or create a program for other people. That’s one of the most important principles to embark upon a yoga journey – the destination is open and completely up to you!

3. You will learn more about yourself

For sure you will learn more about your body and mind – maybe even that you prefer not to do a yoga journey 😉 even that would be something that you’ve learned. Or what kind of practice you prefer at what time of the day, what poses make you feel grounded and what do you need to make you feel centered. Even when creating and filming yoga courses, I learn a lot about myself, even though I have already outlined the theme of the journey.

4. You will spend more time with yourself

Whatever your learnings will be, you will get to spend some time with yourself. For most of us, it is normal to spend time with friends and family, but not necessarily with just ourselves. You will not only get to know yourself better, but you will also practice self-love and self-care – simply by spending time with your beautiful Self.

5. You will dedicate some time for just you

It is so valuable to dedicate time that is just for you. Not for work, not for someone else, just me-time. And not just once every now and then, but over a longer period of time. Sure, you will be practicing yoga in some way, but as this is most likely a solo practice, and at the end of the day, it is just for you. About how many other things in your life can you say that?

So why don’t you just try and see where this journey will take you? I am sure it will be a beautiful adventure.

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