The Struggles of a New Yoga Teacher on Social Media

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The Struggles of a New Yoga Teacher on Social Media

This story could also be called: my story on Instagram. Let me tell you what I found very hard in the beginning and how I gained more ease over time.

If you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a business owner, or anything along those lines, it’s almost unthinkable not to have a social media account. It’s essentially a free website to promote yourself and your business, to connect and interact with like-minded people. When looking at the yoga community on social media, most of the content that is being created focuses on the physical aspect of yoga, bordering on fitness exercises.

For this text, I will focus mainly on the content on Instagram. I’ve discussed the image problem of social media in depth before in my previous piece, which you can check out here. My feed, and especially my suggestions, shows me a lot of mainstream yoga pages which usually feature “perfect” poses from very toned individuals in matching sportswear in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great yogi*nis out there that create diverse, inspiring content that reaches beyond the physical practice, but they only make out a fraction of the overall yoga content.
What I struggled with on Instagram
Now, full disclosure: social media is still a thing that I struggle with – as you probably guessed from the title. When I want to post content, it’s a bit of a challenge for me still – but a lot less than it used to be. First, I have the materialist problems of not really having space in my two-bedroom flat that has a “clean” background and enough space to practice yoga. I don’t really have a great camera and I don’t want to invest in that as I think social media shouldn’t turn into a platform full of professional pictures. Ok, let’s move on to the emotions behind posting, the anxiety. Feeling that I am not flexible or strong enough, fearing away from posting “non-perfect” yoga poses. In the end, I post most of the things that I wanted to post because I want to actively free myself from perfectionism.
It’s frustrating because in general, I love the opportunity that social media gives us, to reach people all over the world. And especially someone like me, that isn’t picture-perfect, should put content out there to encourage others to do the same. To fight the one-sided image of yogis and yoginis out there. And I bet that I am not alone with this. Which makes sense, considering that what we see on social media is being translated by our brain as “norm”.
How did I free myself from the pressure?
First of all, know that we all had to start somewhere. If you start a social media channel in this day and age, know that gaining a following isn’t as easy as it used to be. So that was a very calming thought for me. And then, once you start to have fun with it, you present yourself as who you are, with all the “flaws”, as they might be considered on the gram, then other people can relate to you.
It is also really important to ask yourself why you are posting. Are you posting to show off or do you want to bring a message across? In other words: know your “why”. It is ok to use Instagram as a promotional tool, too. But if you are a yoga teacher or a coach, you are also promoting yourself as a person, so don’t forget to show your human side. And, most importantly, just have fun with it and share things that make you happy. Because your happiness will also contribute to other people’s happiness!

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