My Yoga Journey

My Yoga Journey

Where it all started...

To be honest, I don’t remember why I chose to book my first yoga class back in 2012, but I knew there was something drawing me towards yoga. I knew no-one that had a practice and I just went to a studio and booked my first class. A moment from that class that I remember really well was struggling to lie still during Savasana, the final relaxation. I think my mind was overwhelmed by this, by being alone with my own thoughts. Now it is one of my favourite poses!

Afterwards, however, I decided to continue the practice because I wanted to explore the reason for my discomfort. As many other practitioners, I ended up falling in love with the practice, and was happy to have finally found movement that felt right for my body – which, at the time, was neither strong nor flexible by the way.

I tried many different yoga styles, and even though I love them all in their own way, Hatha Yoga as the Yang, the more active practice, and Yin Yoga as well as Restorative Yoga, resonated with me the most for my daily practice and teaching. I think in a busy and demanding society, we need to both strengthen body and mind as well as to wind down, to do less or seemingly nothing (on a physical level).

My teaching style

I practice what I teach – and vice versa. I take my role as a teacher very seriously, in the sense that I will always be both student and teacher, that I am more of a guide, a mentor and far from an authority figure.

As we live in a society that is very fast-paced and ego-driven, where we are asked to give everything we can – and sometimes even more – I want to create a practice that is a safe space, a sanctuary for body and mind. A place where we can show up as who we are, whether that is angry, happy or sad, and are accepted for that.

We are not only unique in personality and so many other ways of life, but also in our anatomy and physiology. Quite often, yoga might be taught as “one shape fits all”. I disagree with that perspective and, instead, like to value and appreciate our physical individuality. That includes for example the anatomy of our pelvis and the length of our ligaments (if you’re naturally hyper- or hypomobile). I’m hypomobile, by the way.

This allows me to teach for all bodies, genders and ages. Yoga really is for every body, it just needs to be taught the right way. I hope you can see for yourself some day!

If you do have any concerns or questions, however, please do not hesitate to contact me.