Why I Never Thought I Would Become a Yoga Teacher

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Why I Never Thought I Would Become a Yoga Teacher

Have you ever struggled mentally or physically in a yoga class? Then you’re not alone! Allow me to tell you my story of where it all started.

I came across yoga in Berlin, during my first summer there in 2012. At one point, I decided to take a yoga class. I wish now that I could remember why I did that, but sadly I don’t anymore. I do think that I probably read an article or an interview with someone and was intrigued by how it could change my life. I do think, however, that there was something deep inside of me that knew it was a good idea to try it out.

I picked my first yoga studio the good old-fashioned way, by searching on Google maps. I found a studio that was relatively well known and they even offered a free first class: perfect! There I want, to my first Hatha Yoga class at Sivananda Yoga Schöneberg. Then there I was, a clueless 18-year old amongst spiritual yogis in white loose linen trousers and yellow shirts. Little did I know that this would turn into a life-changing experience.

I don’t remember much about the class. I do remember the room and that I was pretty close to the teacher – which we’ll get back to shortly. But knowing Sivananda Yoga, we probably did some sun salutations and some of the main asanas (for sure no headstand though). In the end, came the most challenging pose of the class for me: Savasana. On a physical level, it’s almost ironic, as you only have to lie still – hence its other name: corpse pose.

My mind did not like that one bit though. I was bored, I felt restless and I didn’t understand the point of it. I tried my best to be still but failed miserably. I drank some water, I shifted around – to the point where the teacher had to gesture me to be quiet as to not disturb the other participants. I know that a lot of other people feel that way, similar to a meditation seat. Movement is fine, but stillness without any distractions: that’s the real challenge for a lot of people. And I was one of them.

After that, I realised that there was probably a reason why I couldn’t lie still. Why my mind didn’t like it. So I stuck with it – and I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes, it’s going for something that feels strange at first but somehow feels right on the inside. And I haven’t looked back since.

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