About me

About me

Hi there,

my Name is Doris and I teach yoga – but you probably know that by now. But who am I off the mat and what other adventures did I embark on? Well, allow me to tell you:

I grew up in Austria, went to school, all that stuff. At the time I was already a bit “alternative”, as you’d call it. But I really wasn’t spiritual or into yoga. I then studied dietetics, because I was very interested in food (and I still am), partly due to becoming a vegetarian at the age of 15. But I slowly realised that this wasn’t the career path I was supposed to follow. 

I then moved to Berlin for an internship and stayed here. I enrolled into another university course, this time it was history of art. I enjoyed studying, I enoyed working at the university, but during my master’s degree, I knew that it was, again, not my path. I enjoyed studying a lot and always supported myself by taking a student job. 

During my time in Berlin, yoga came into my life. After practicing for a few years, I wanted to learn more about yoga and decided to take a teacher training. I really enjoyed it and even though I was terrified of teaching, I slowly started to really enjoy it and realised that this was my path. I always knew that I wanted to work with people, that I had so much to share, I just didn’t know it would be through a yoga practice. I am really thankful for my path – it might have been not the most direct one, but it made me who I am today. 

My qualifications

I am a big fan of transparency, so here you find all my yoga qualifications and trainings

  • 500h Hatha Yoga teacher @ Yoga Shakti Berlin 2017-2019
  • 50h Yin Yoga training @ Yoga Sky Berlin 2020-2021
  • 100h Trauma-informed Yoga teacher training with Atira Tan 2021